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On average, there are around 146,748 bolts in your car, but having a single faulty bolt can already lead to a disaster. Apart from automobiles, everything around you is made up of bolts.buildings, machines, name it. Given that bolts are extremely important, it doesn't come as a surprise that a single busted bolt can already mean the difference between life and death. Since you never know what might come your way when you drive, you ahould always keep your vehicle in tiptop shape to maintain its optimum performance. One way to do this is to address the problems of your matter how big or amall it may be.ASAP. After all, safety is the key to good driving. If you want to know more about the different bolts that make up your ride, here's a quick guide to help you out.

Types of Automotive Bolts

Here are the most common types of bolts that you'll find in your vehicle.

  • Carriage - Carriage bolts are characterized by their square shafts located just below their heads. They can be locked without rotating as long as they're secured by aenut.
  • Cotter pin - Usually used with castle nuts, cotter pin bolts can be identified through the holes drilled in their shafts. This hole is where you insert a cotter that you can use to lock the fastener.
  • Flanged - A flanged bolt is very similar to hex-head bolts. The only difference is that flanged bolts have integrated washers or flanges.
  • Hex-head - Hex-head bolt is the most common type of bolt that you'll find in your vehicle. It's characterized by a hexagonal head and a threaded shaft.
  • Internally driven - Internally driven bolts such as Allen-head, torx-drive, and star-drive bolts are characterized by the round hole in their heads.

Head Styles Found in Automotive Bolts

Bolts come in different shapes and sizes, and they also have different head shapes. They are the following:

  • Flat - A bolt characterized by its flat top and a countersunk head.
  • Hex - Hexagonal in shape, this head style can also come in two other forms: hex washer and slotted hex washer.
  • Oval - Oval atyle heads have herounded top and a countersunk head.
  • Pan - A bolt with a pan head is slightly rounded and has ahort vertical sides.
  • Truss - This particular head style is characterized by its extra-wide head and mounted top.
  • Round - This head atyle is characterized by its dome-like head.

Drive Types Found in Automotive Bolts

To install or remove a bolt, you need to know the type of drive that it has first in order to use the proper tool for the job. Here are the different types of drives found in automotive bolts.

  • X-shaped - X-shaped drive types can be threaded using Phillips or Frearson screwdrivers.
  • Slotted - Bolts with slotted drives can be removed or installed using a flathead screwdriver.
  • Combination - Some bolts have drives that can be slotted and x-shaped at the same time.
  • Hexagonal - Bolts with hexagonal drives can be threaded using a socket or Allen wrench.