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Camper Jack Winch & Base Kit

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When you look at truck campers, you probably think that loading and unloading must be really challenging. Since campers are set on top of the truck, they're high off the ground. Getting in and out of them can be a lot of trouble. Well, it would be if not for easy-to-use camper jacks, which are designed to raise and lower the camper. Aside from providing easy access, these jacks also help stabilize the truck and support much of the weight of the camper, putting less stress on the tires. So even if you travel for miles with the camper, you won't have to worry about tires blowing out that fast. When situations call for it, such as when the vehicle is parked on uneven grounds, these jacks can also be used for leveling the camper.

If the only thing that holds you back from enjoying a nature exploration trip or outdoor adventure is a reliable camper jack winch and base kit, you won't have to worry much about it. We can help you find the right one with some tips.

What you need to know when getting a new camper jack winch and base kit for your truck

  • Get a new camper jack winch and base kit that's easy to use. The last thing you'd want is to get tangled up with the complex instructions on using camper jacks. You'd want something that's reliable but also designed with ease of operation in mind.
  • When looking for a kit, consider the lifting range. Some may go from 17 to 57 inches. The lifting range should allow easy access to the camper. The range should be flexible enough so that you can easily lower or raise the camper according to your convenience and needs.
  • Take note of the maximum weight capacity. Some kits can support as much as 3,000 lbs. Pick a camper jack winch and base kit that can accommodate the amount of load the camper will carry. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation as the winch and base kit collapses or fails to fully support the weight of the camper.
  • Take time to know all the important details about the kit. For instance, you'd want to know if the kit is sold in a set of 2 or in other quantities or if it comes with 2 winches and 2 bases. In some cases, the pole kit for the jack assembly is sold separately. You should also find out if the kit is a universal fit or not. Most universal jack winches and bases can fit a range of truck campers, but you have to be sure if yours is one of them. You have to know how these can be used properly and adjusted accordingly. You'd also want to be sure that these are made from high-standard materials since they'll be carrying a lot of weight and may be exposed to harsh elements on the road.
  • The camper jack winch and base kit may cost around 200 USD. This price may go higher or lower, depending on the brand, design, quantity sold, and other features. To score a great deal on this accessory, don't be afraid to shop around. Take notes and see which kit offers the best features according to your truck and camper specifications and which one has the most reasonable price based on your budget.