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  • Noise Complaints: What to Do with the Clunking Noise When Going Over Bumps with Your Chevrolet HHR

    The Chevrolet Heritage High Roof (HHR) station wagon is a retro vehicle launched for the 2006 model year. It was introduced in the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2005, with its designer being Bryan Nesbitt. It shares its GM Delta Platform with several other Chevrolet models. Back in May 2011, the last of the HHRs were made. Meanwhile, it was on October 2011 that North American dealerships stopped selling the HHR model. As for the issue of hearing a clunking noise whenever you go over bumps with your Chevrolet HHR, here\'s what you need to know in what it is, what causes it, and how to take care of it.

    Characterizing the Issues and Its Symptoms

    Whenever you drive your Chevy HHR and hit a bump in the road, you might hear a clunking noise from it that\'s not from an open toolbox or anything you\'ve put inside your trunk. The Chevrolet HHR clunking noise when going over bumps issue happens at around the average mileage of 38,827 miles and above. It\'s also been described as a recurring problem, such that when you have something replaced, there\'s a chance that the noise might return and another replacement might be in order.

    This can be quite the predicament for some because more often than not, this is a problem that happens when your car is no longer in warranty so you\'ll have to shoulder more of the costs by yourself (so car insurance might be called for to buffer the expensiveness of the repairs). Quite a lot of drivers don\'t feel safe driving this rattling or clunking car in fear of having the front end fail, leading to you getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    Potential Diagnosis for the HHR\'s Clunking Noise

    The Chevrolet HHR clunking noise when going over bumps problem could be caused by axle bushings, your strut, or your front stabilizer shaft becoming loose and requiring replacement. It could also be your end link that\'s making the racket as well. Some dealerships might even claim that it\'s your brake rotors that require replacement. Other dealerships might recommend having your shocks replaced instead.

    Noises on the front end of the Chevy HHR is common because it has a heavy front end with multiple parts that could loosen or otherwise get out of alignment, necessitating a quick fix at best or replacing entire parts at worse (commonly the axle bushing or strut). You should really get to the root of the problem to avoid excessive replacement of parts that might not need replacement after all.

    The Solution to Your Dilemma

    When it comes to fixing the Chevrolet HHR clunking noise when going over bumps, the typical repair cost is over $1,030 (give or take a dollar). The typical part that could solve the noise is to replace your strut or your axle bushings. Ensure that the mechanic gets a good look at the car if it\'s a long-recurring problem, because more often than not he might just lube it and call it a day.

    When undergoing multiple fixes for this issue, make sure to get your work orders in the same file in order to clarify that this is mostly a front end problem and to make sure the mechanic is aware of what\'s already been replaced or fixed previously. This will serve as your proof that this has been complained about and looked into in the past.