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Shopping for Dodge Parts has never been this easy thanks to the comprehensive catalog offered by JC Whitney. Each product is made from high-grade materials so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. On top of that, they come with a 30-day Guarantee. Just give us your Dodge’s make and year and we’ll take care of giving you the parts you need.

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  • The Dodge Brothers and Their First Ventures in the Auto Industry

    The founders of Dodge.Brothers John and Horace Dodge.were once machinists and builders of bicycles and piecework components for the automotive industry. They built transmissions for the Olds Motor Works and shortly after that, they agreed to work and build engines for Henry Ford. All the mechanical components of early Ford cars were built by the Dodge Brothers until 1914, when their relationship ended. After cutting their ties with Ford, John and Horace established their own company.the Dodge Brothers, Inc.

    Though Dodge is now highly recognized for powerful and highly capable trucks, their first ventures in the industry way were too far from that. The first Dodge automobiles to ever rock the industry were:

    Touring cars

    The first Dodge, called Old Betsy, was recognized as the world\'s first mass-produced all-steel touring car. Fitted with a 35-horsepower four-cylinder L-head engine, the Old Betsy was said to be pricier yet way better than Ford\'s model T. What made this car more unique were the Dodge parts they come equipped with, some of them can be rarely seen on automobiles during that time. Among such features were all-steel Budd-Designed body, 12-volt electrical system, wooden-spoke wheels, sliding-gear three-speed transmissions, real gain leather, pressurized fuel system, and cone-faced clutch.

    In 1915, a roadster joined the touring car, right when the Dodge Brothers was conceptualizing an ad campaign coining the word \'dependability\'. That same year, the automaker was able to build and sell 45,000 Dodge automobiles. This was the highest first-year sales record for a new car at that time. During its first full year, the Dodge Brothers Inc. was also recognized as America\'s third best-selling automaker.

    Winter cars

    Shortly after the brand\'s .It speaks for itself. slogan came out, Dodge Brothers expanded its lineup with the addition of the winter cars. These are essentially the touring car and roadster fitted with distinctive Dodge parts like the removable hardtops and snap-on side glass windows. Dodge also released a center-door sedan, but this wasn\'t as successful as the touring car in terms of sales.

    World War I Dodge vehicles

    In 1917, Dodge Brothers Inc. introduced an ambulance for World War I use. A civilian version of said vehicle was made.the screen-side Dodge business truck donned with heavy-duty Dodge truck parts. This truck boasted a thousand-pound payload and is sold at $885. In 1918, Dodge has already produced more than 60,000 vehicles for the Allied Forces, particularly the French army.

    Dodge without the Dodge Brothers

    It was in January 1920 when Horace got ill with pneumonia while attending the New York Auto Show. His brother John rushed to his bedside, caught the same disease, and died after 10 days. Horace had lingered for several months before succumbing to death. Ironic as it may seem, but after the death of the Dodge brothers, sales of the company seemed to skyrocket, making it, for the first time, America\'s second best-selling car company.

    The wives of John and Horace inherited and ran the company. They made the wise move of promoting Frederick Haynes to run Dodge and partnering with the Graham Brothers. Such partnership expanded Dodge\'s product line with the addition of a full-line of trucks. Sales were successful that Dodge Brothers was able to buy the Graham brothers firm. A few years after, Chrysler Corporation was able to buy Dodge, and the rest is history.

    The Dodge name was still highly renowned today due mainly to its line of trucks, which were said to be America\'s hardest working trucks. Dodge Ram trucks, in fact, were among the country\'s best-selling vehicles. With the popularity of Dodge vehicles, owners shouldn\'t worry when they\'re in need of replacement and aftermarket Dodge car and truck parts as well as Dodge accessories as they are readily available in most auto part stores. There\'s also a wide selection Dodge parts online for those who want to shop without leaving the comforts of their home.