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  • How to Change the Dodge Dart Headlight: An Essential Guide

    The Dodge Dart compact sedan is outfitted with a sealed headlight assembly that does not only save production costs but also makes it easy to service. This is why once the Dart\'s headlights fail, repairing or replacing them is quite easy enough for you to accomplish at home using basic automotive tools. If the headlights of your Dodge Dart have failed and you are planning on replacing them on your own, here are some key pointers to remember:

    Preparing your vehicle

    Even a broken headlight can still pose an electrical hazard, so it is important that you reduce the risk of accidental electric shock before starting the replacement process. With the sedan set to park, switch off the engine and remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal. For added safety, you can also opt to remove the headlight fuse from the fuse panel. Though extremely rare, there is a possibility that the sudden surge of electrical current to the headlight once it is replaced may cause the fuse to blow.

    In addition to keeping the car safe against electric shock, it is also recommended to turn the steering wheel to the opposite direction of the malfunctioning bulb before starting with the installation. Doing so will give you more room in the wheel well and gain better access to the bulb.

    Handling the bulb

    When removing or installing the bulb in the headlight assembly, always remember not to let the bulb\'s glass come in contact with your skin and clothing. This is because the glass is so thin that the natural oils secreted by your skin can greatly increase its temperature once the headlight is switching, leading to a premature burnout. Because of this, wearing a clean pair of utility gloves or at least covering the hands with a clean rag is strongly recommended when handling the bulbs. And if you do touch the bulb glass by accident, immediately wipe the glass with cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue on the bulb\'s surface.

    Changing in pairs

    Even if only one of the headlights is problematic, it is strongly suggested to replace both of the headlight bulbs. The reasoning behind this is that headlights are designed to work in pairs, with one bulb\'s beam complementing that of the other to result in a light that\'s clearly visible even at long distances. And if a new bulb is used in tandem with an old one, it will result with an uneven beam that may prove confusing especially when driving under particularly challenging visibility conditions.

    Aligning the headlight

    Once the new headlights bulbs are installed, the next crucial step is to realign the headlights. The headlights need to be at a specific angle to achieve the best light coverage while minimizing road glare. In the case of the Dart, the headlights\' alignment can be adjusted through a metal Allen screw on the top of the fender rail lip. There are many guides available online on how to precisely adjust the headlights in your Dart, although you can also have it done professionally by an auto repair technician.