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What makes the tow dolly quite unique from other towing equipment and accessories is that it can raise the front wheels of the vehicle being towed. This feature comes handy in many towing situations.

Tow dollies are best used in front-wheel-drive automatics. They can be pulled easily using this towing equipment. Another great thing about towing dollies is that you won't have to worry about the mileage count when the car is towed. You see, in some vehicles, their odometers keep on adding miles when the front wheels are moving or rolling; it doesn't matter if ignition is turned off. If the front wheels are elevated, then the odometers of these vehicles won't be doing any mileage count while the vehicle is being towed. That's a good workaround provided by tow dollies.

Tips in choosing a tow dolly

  • Before you get this towing equipment, first make sure that this can be hooked up to your vehicle. Some may require a bit of modification for the connection.
  • Consider the weight of the vehicle you'll tow, as well as the weight ratings of the hitch and towing vehicle. Tow dollies are usually good options for small sedans since larger vehicles can take up a lot of weight. You have to make sure that the added pounds from this towing equipment won't exceed the preferred weight range.
  • Maintain the right weight ratio between the tow vehicle and the vehicle that will be towed. The maximum vehicle width also varies for tow dollies. So, be sure to also consider the width of the vehicle/s that will be towed to get the right piece of towing equipment.
  • Get advice from reps of the vehicle manufacturer or do some research first to find out if dollies will be the best option for your towing needs. This will help you search for the right kind of towing equipment and accessories, depending on the towing application, your budget, and your preference.

Tips in using a tow dolly

  • See if the hitch ball is at the right height before you secure the coupler on the hitch ball and set up the chains.
  • Observe proper towing weight distribution.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is centered when you drive up the towing dolly's ramps.
  • Set and secure the tire straps properly.
  • Connect the tow dolly to the towing vehicle before the vehicle to be towed is loaded.

Some issues you may encounter when using this towing equipment

  • Sharp turns are really hard to pull off (and can be dangerous) when using dollies.
  • Dollies take up a lot of space, which makes them a bit challenging to handle on the road and difficult to store when not in use.
  • Backing up isn't easy with dollies (as much as possible, this should be avoided; in case reverse is needed, you have to unplug the towed vehicle and dolly and re-hitch the equipment).
  • Towing empty dollies may cause strong vibrations and driving difficulties.
  • Towing dollies are not only quite heavy but will also require more maintenance.
  • Towing dollies in some states require a special license since they're considered as additional vehicles.