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  • Reasons Why Eagle Was Later on Discontinued

    The Eagle was targeted at enthusiast drivers. It was sold along with Jeep and under Chrysler when it bought out AMC (American Motors Corporation) in 1987. It was, however, short-lived as Eagle became merely a sideshow to the much-loved brand of 4x4s. Sales were slow compared to Jeep. It didn\'t really hit its target since dealers were selling leftover AMCs and other odds and ends. Even with its short stint with Chrysler, numerous models were released under the Eagle brand (Wagon, Medallion, Premier, Vista, Summit, Talon, 2000GTX, and Vision) until it was discontinued in 1998.

    Lack of unique models

    Eagle didn\'t really hit its mark unlike Jeep and other brands sold under Chrysler. They say that one of the reasons why Eagle failed is because of badge engineering. Models released under the Eagle name were badge engineered as Mitsubishi or under another Chrysler product. As it failed to offer a roster of unique vehicle models, it wasn\'t able to create a large following or a group of loyal fans. Some buyers would be swayed to buy the same vehicle models that are sold under a more popular name such as Dodge or Plymouth, aside from Mitsubishi. They\'re not invested in the brand because it failed to offer models that can only be identified with Eagle.

    Tough competition in the marketplace

    Sad thing is, the Eagle competed mostly with other lineups under Chrysler. It failed to establish a niche market of its own. Models under the Eagle brand were too diverse. While it\'s sold as a brand of sporty vehicles, it failed to hit the target market since it\'s up against Dodge, Chrysler\'s performance-oriented brand. It didn\'t survive the competition with Chrysler\'s lineups and failed to be a solid rival to other automakers, although the Eagle Summit was pitted against Toyota and Honda and the Vision and Talon was supposed to compete with Pontiac. It wasn\'t able to find a spot within Chrysler.

    Not enough marketing

    Some believe that the Eagle brand had always been cast behind the shadows of the more popular Chrysler marquee. It wasn\'t marketed too well or advertised heavily, unlike other vehicle models from Chrysler brand. It wasn\'t put right on the spotlight. Some attributed this to limited resources and the lack of direction and enthusiasm from the company.

    Overshadowing success of Jeep

    Eagle was placed side by side with Jeep. Instead of sharing the limelight with Eagle, Jeep hogged it all to itself with a stable following among 4x4 lovers and off-road enthusiasts. In the same showroom, buyers are more inclined to purchase Jeep vehicles, while Eagle cars became mostly a distraction to some. Dealers were getting more profit from selling Jeep vehicles. Some of the Eagle vehicles, unfortunately, were cast aside.

    Although the Eagle brand had been discontinued in the late \'90s, there are car enthusiasts who still have a pre-loved or restored Eagle vehicle in their garage. Eagle auto parts can still be ordered online for repair and maintenance. A good number of auto parts stores carry direct-fit Eagle parts and products and sell high-quality Eagle auto body parts. To keep Eagle vehicles running smoothly for miles on end and in mint condition even after so many years, get only topnotch Eagles auto parts from trusted sellers.