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Ford Galaxie 500 Parts And Ford Galaxie 500 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford Galaxie 500 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford Galaxie 500 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Ford Galaxie 500 Parts

Ford Galaxie 500 Articles

  • The Joy of Doing a Burnout with a Ford Galaxie 500

    The Ford Galaxie 500 came into the picture during the early .60s. This trim of the full-size Blue Oval car was an attractive option in the market back then. Although it is not a muscle car in the strictest sense, it can be tuned and tricked out to the delight of any hot rodder. But the experience does not stop with just building a unique hot rod. More joy comes after the owner learns how to drive and enjoy the car the way it should be. And what fun it brings when the driver nails the glorious burnout and leaves a trail of rubber on the asphalt.

    The beauty of doing a burnout

    Burnouts have long been a tradition among car enthusiasts. The technique has been passed on from one generation to another, from a father to a son, from a seasoned gear head to a neophyte driver. Laying down rubber can be considered a rite of passage to people immersing themselves into the life of automotive enthusiasts. This can be used as a form of display of how much power the vehicle packs under the hood. It can also be treated as a salute or banter to a fellow gearhead. And even some use this trick to impress their dates. Whatever the reason is, executing a burn out is one of the most glorifying (and also wasteful) things to do with a vehicle, especially if it is a modified Galaxie 500.

    Requirements for the perfect burnout

    A burnout is ideally done using a vehicle equipped with a stick shift. But in fact, even automatics are equally capable of doing it. The cars just have to meet certain requirements so that the driver can make the most of the maneuver. First of all, the ride needs to have enough engine output to be able to break traction. Tires are purposely built to grip as much road surface as possible for handling. However, this tendency needs to be countered if the driver intends to do a burnout. This way, there is a need for horsepower and torque to get the wheels spinning pretty darn well. It is also a lot better to perform a burnout with a rear wheel drive vehicle. Besides, hot rodders back then learned to do it with that kind of cars.

    How to burn rubber pretty well

    Now that the driver is primed to do a burnout, the next thing in line is learning how to do it well. Mistakes might result in burning the clutch instead of the tires or even riskier things like an accident. Begin by taking the Galaxie to an open location with an even road surface void of any traffic. Come to a full stop and put the shifter to first gear. From there, the driver has to hold the clutch while bringing the rev up. Once the engine is already roaring, pop the clutch, and with your left foot, tap on the brake pedal to hold the vehicle a bit. This should allow the tires to break traction and spin vigorously. It might take some practice to nail the perfect burnout but soon enough, the Galaxie would be leaving a trail of rubber and smoke on the road.