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Do you often take your motorcycle off-roading? If you do, make sure you're completely protected by gearing up with the proper accessories every time you take your ride for a spin. You can suit up by buying the right kind of jacket or vest, wearing a helmet at all times, and using a nice pair of gloves for added grip. However, you can also equip your bike with several accessories that can amp up its protective capabilities. For instance, you can install it with a good pair of handguards. A handguard is a component that's used to protect your hands when you ride your bike. This is most useful for people who go you! If you are curious to know more about this product, read this short guide below.


If you take your bike on rugged terrain, then handguards are definitely for you. This component will protect your hands from getting hit by plants, tree limbs, branches, and other objects that you may encounter while you ride. It's appropriate for riders who love to go fast. With a handguard installed on each side of your motorcycle, you'll have less to worry about on the road, and you'll have more time to enjoy the ride.


There are two types of handguards available in the market today, and they differ in terms of form and coverage.

  • Bar-only - The simple bar type can easily be mounted to the handlebars of the motorcycle. It can cover the hands while protruding from the handlebars.
  • Molded cover - This type is usually made of strong plastic material. It provides more coverage because it covers the entire hand, including the wrists.

Added Features

Some handguards aren't only meant to protect your hands, but they can also have mirror or turn signal options. A handguard with integrated mirrors or turn signals can improve your overall safety when you travel.

Installation Tips and Tricks

  • When installing a handguard to one of your motorycle's handlebards, you don't need to completely remove the throttle assembly. Instead, you just need to loosen it by loosening the screws that secure it in place.
  • A handguard is usually attached to a handlebar with the help of a bolt. To get this bolt in, you may need to cut a hole at the end of the grip. When doing this, it would be best to use a fine, small blade like a scalpel to make the cut clean.
  • The other end of a handguard is usually attached using a bracket. To ensure that the handlebar is securely in place, you may need to spread the bracket using prying tools.
  • After installing the new handguards in your bike, make sure you allot some time to test if it fits right. Do this by sitting on your motorcycle and grabbing the handlebars as you would when riding your bike. Ensure that the guards do not impede you from controlling your bike. If it does, you may need to adjust its angle or position.