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  • Jeep Commander: How to Ensure a Noise-Free Ride

    The Jeep Commander is a mid-size, four-door SUV that debuted in 2006. With barely 90,000 units sold in the US in its first year, this vehicle registered a significant decrease in sales for every succeeding model year, until the SUV finally exited the market in 2010. While this SUV is the most spacious model Jeep has manufactured, it has several issues, including the whining and ticking noise from underneath the vehicle when on the road, especially during acceleration. Unfortunately, pinpointing the exact culprit is challenging since various reasons can cause the noise. Here are some solutions to this problem.

    Reposition the dipstick

    Your Jeep Commando comes with an oil dipstick, as is the case in other vehicles. But a misplaced dipstick on your SUV could be the reason you hear a ticking noise when driving. Many owners of this SUV have already complained about such noise every time they speed up, and this seemingly harmless component on board the Commando can likely be at fault. This is the reason checking for the position of the dipstick once you hear the ticking noise is among the highly advised steps to take.

    By simply repositioning the dipstick, your acceleration can finally be free of the ticking sound that is normally heard during acceleration. Sending your vehicle to the repair shop and asking the mechanics to check the dipstick is recommended. In this way, you can opt to have the mechanic assess the condition of the other components. If you prefer to perform this task, however, then keep in mind that the dipstick\'s location on your vehicle depends on the location of the engine.

    Repair faulty bearings and joints

    Your front-wheel bearings, CV joints, pinion bearings, and other hinges must not be exempted from the possible factors that cause the ticking sound from underneath your Jeep Commando. After all, a problem with the bearings and joints is highly possible since these components are more exposed to the pressure of driving on various terrains, even more so when used on longer mileages. Thus, also find time to check these parts to guarantee which components cause the ticking noise.

    Faulty bearings and joints should be repaired, if necessary. But if the condition is beyond repair, then replacing the worn-out parts is required. In fact, a damaged pinion bearing whines when you step on the gas. Similarly, a heavily damaged CV joint due to friction and dirt must be replaced with a durable replacement immediately to eliminate the noise during acceleration.

    Use sophisticated microphones to spot the source

    The lack of a specific culprit for the ticking sound makes the process of finding appropriate solutions more difficult. A recommended workaround is to duplicate the noise by taking your SUV around for a spin, but a more professional approach is to use sophisticated microphones available in repair shops. These tools can be attached to the possible sources of the said sound. Through the attached microphones, you can listen to each component to know which one produces the noise. In this way, you are guaranteed of fixing the correct parts to ensure a noise-free ride on your Jeep Commando.