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The vehicle's license plate is way more than just a metal or plastic plate attached to the rear and/or front of the vehicle. This plate contains an identification code, consisting of letters and numbers that are unique to every automobile. This identification code is for official use only as it carries many important information about the vehicle owner. Most plates also contain slogans and symbols of the issuing jurisdiction. Even the plate's numbering system also varies from one jurisdiction to another. So when vehicle owners moves to another state, they will need to acquire new license plates in their new place of residence.

These days, however, license plates have evolved from simple metal/plastic plates with identification code into a means of personal expression or as support of worthy causes. While they look great on your vehicle and they let the whole world know what kind of driver you are, vanity license plates aren't as easy to obtain as the law-mandated license plate. Here are the things you should consider before outfitting your ride with a vanity plate:

Is it legal in your city or state?

With the advent of personalized or vanity license plates, residents of most states said goodbye to the hassle-free process of obtaining a license plate. Gone are the days when getting one only means submitting your registration forms and waiting for a few days or weeks for your generic plates to arrive in your mail. If the one you are planning to get are vanity plates, you will need to fill out a state-specific application form and pay necessary fees. It's wise if you do a little research first before applying for one. Find out if it is legal in your state and if it is allowed, and know how many characters your state will let you use. By doing so, you can avoid making offensive submissions that will just lead to rejection. You'll also know if your state has online apps or features that will make it easy for you to apply for personalized plates.

What vanity license plate design should you get?

Most states already have personalized plates with special background design, so all you have to think about is the personalized message to put on it. Vanity plates from a certain state can also be used on vehicles registered under that particular jurisdiction. There are states that also provide specialized license plates designed to support certain causes or interests of non-profit organizations. By choosing such plates, a portion of the money you pay goes to the organizations, so you won't just be enjoying an eye-catching will also be supporting a cause that you do care about.

Will the license plate complement or detract from the overall look of your ride?

Before submitting your application form and paying for the specialized plate, make sure first that the design you've chosen complements your vehicle's overall design theme. As much as you want a plate that attracts everyone's attention, it's also equally important that you see to it that it won't detract from the vehicle's appearance.