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Mazda Articles

  • Mazda: Pioneering Technology

    Mazda is one of the key icons in the pantheon of Japan\'s auto titans, and just like its counterparts, the key to its success lies heavily in its reliance on technology. While they are certainly no pushovers when it comes to horsepower, Mazda vehicles are geared more towards efficiency, with Mazda parts and Mazda accessories designed to provide reliable, efficient performance even in stressful driving conditions.


    Arguably one of the biggest selling points Mazda makes about its cars as well as Mazda parts online is the SKYACTIV technology. An umbrella term for a variety of technologies incorporated in various Mazda parts, SKYACTIV greatly increases fuel economy to the level similar found in hybrid vehicles. Gasoline and diesel engines integrated in the SKYACTIV system operate a highly efficient compression ratio, resulting in 15-20% increased torque performance compared to similar existing engines. SKYACTIV gasoline engines, in particular, work best at low and medium speeds while their diesel counterparts come with a turbocharger that ensures smooth, direct response and acceleration.

    In addition to engine technology, SKYACTIV also encompasses the transmission and chassis of Mazda vehicles. The latest Mazda models are equipped with either the SKYACTIV-DRIVE or the SKYACTIV-MT powertrains, with the former offering a perfect mix of smooth shifting and superior fuel efficiency at low speeds and the latter providing a compact manual transmission for maximum control and crisp shifting feel. This is complemented with the lightweight SKYACTIV-CHASSIS, featuring a highly rigid cross member and an electric power steering system for a more efficient handling performance.

    The .Jinba Ittai. approach

    Mazda defines its approach in designing the body of the vehicles under .Jinba Ittai.: the minimalist, efficient unity of the horse and rider. This is why Mazda vehicles are fitted with a highly rigid but light framework that\'s made possible by the dramatic improvement of the car\'s basic driving functions. Because of this, Mazda vehicles and Mazda auto parts weigh less than 100 kilograms compared to similar models but are 30% more rigid as a result of a full framework redesign. In addition, the frame is also structure to disperse impact shocks, ensuring high marks in craft safety performance.


    In addition to performance, Mazda has also turned to a variety of materials and substances, ranging from plastic to milk, for its vehicles and Mazda spare parts in order to become more environmentally-friendly. This campaign led to several innovations, including the use of bioplastics and fibers in the internal console and seats in the Mazda5, as well as use of non-biomaterial components in the interior Mazda parts of selected models.

    Idling Stop Technology

    Another eco-saving feature found in Mazda vehicles is the Idling Stop Technology or i-Stop. This feature improves the fuel economy of Mazda vehicles by up to eight percent by doing away with the starter motor to restart the engine. Instead, fuel is directly injected into a cylinder while the engine is stopped and ignited to generate downward piston force. This results in a fast and efficient engine restart and less fuel consumption compared to conventional engines and precise control of the piston positions for faster engine pickup to idling speed.