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  • What Makes MGP the Best Option for Caliper Covers?

    There are a lot ways to improve the style or look of the vehicle. Using caliper covers is one of them. MGP, a US-based company, manufactures these accessories. MGP caliper covers were developed after conducting extensive research for several years. These aftermarket items were built using technologies in aerospace and recreation industries. With over 30 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, the company is able to build aftermarket products that are held to high standards.

    Triumphs and challenges

    Brake caliper covers are mounted over OEM brake calipers and are built for disc brakes only. These are secured with a stainless steel fastening system. These mods seem to have a straightforward design, but MGP didn't exactly have an easy time developing and building this product. It took a while before the company found the right approach to designing and building these accessories. It encountered some obstacles and challenges along the way. There were a lot of concerns when developing the caliper covers. The company had to find ways to secure them easily and to keep them fastened. They also had to worry about the fit and the wheel clearances. Through research and some trial and error, MGP eventually found the right formula. In the end, MGP paired a vehicle-specific clip with the company's patent-pending stainless steel fastening system. To ensure safety, the caliper covers are tested on tracks. Using some basic hand tools, these can be installed easily.

    Guaranteed safety and quality

    MGP caliper covers are built to meet the requirements and standards. These bolt-on modifications are made using raw 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel and are powder-coated for added strength and protection. Precision CNC machining is part of the meticulous manufacturing process. Production also involved TIG welding and hydraulic forming. To guarantee safety and quality, these aftermarket accessories have to undergo a series of tests. These brake caliper covers are tested on the track (both on-road and off-road). They also have to go through heat soak testing, long-term road testing, stress testing, and corrosion testing. These tests are done to assess the product's reliability and to make sure that these are built to last.

    Product line

    MGP caliper covers are available in various styles, designed to fit and enhance the look of the vehicle. A stainless steel fastening system is used to secure these. The fasteners used for these covers ensure hassle-free maintenance. To properly install these accessories on disc brakes, the right torque must be applied. These won't require modifications or any alteration on the brake calipers. These can be bolted on and can be removed easily. However, if there are changes done to the wheel hub assembly or the lower knuckles, then the brake clearance must be checked. Basically, just 3 mm. of clearance from the wheel's inner face is needed. Although some may worry that these accessories may affect braking and even trap in heat, studies done by the company have confirmed that the covers won't alter the performance of brake calipers and won't cause damage to the brake components.