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Mitsubishi Mighty MAX Parts And Mitsubishi Mighty MAX Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Mitsubishi Mighty Max to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Mitsubishi Mighty MAX Articles

  • Mitsubishi Mighty Max: What You Need to Know About its Seatbelt Failure Issue

    No matter how experienced you are, when it comes to driving, you can never be sure that you\'ll be 100% safe on the road. There are just too many factors to consider when you think about all the possible ways you can get into an accident. Hence, safety features are installed by every automobile manufacturer to make sure that no matter what happens, you\'ll get a good chance of walking out of an accident with only a few minor scratches, or none at all if you\'re lucky.

    So what do you do when you find out that the seatbelt in your Mitsubishi Mighty Max suddenly malfunctioned? Like one minute it was okay, and then the next thing you know, the buckle suddenly stopped locking. Driving with a defective seat belt is a major risk to your safety, not to mention a grave negligence on the part of the vehicle manufacturer. It\'s your responsibility to report a defective seatbelt, and it\'s the manufacturer\'s responsibility to fix it and ensure your safety.

    What causes the seatbelt to fail?

    A lot of things can cause a seatbelt to malfunction, and ultimately have a complete breakdown. Constant pulling or toying around with the seatbelt can cause the retractor to get stuck or have a part loosened and it can also cause the belt itself to get torn in the process. Make sure that the anchor, which is the seatbelt component bolted to your car, has not been damaged or accidentally adjusted as it can affect how your belt buckles. The same thing goes for your seatbelt buckle. If you think that it has been hit or compromised in any way, check it immediately for possible malfunctioning.

    Why the seatbelt doesn\'t buckle?

    A seatbelt has a male and female component.the female seat belt buckle that is the receiving end and the male is the belt itself along with the latch plate. If your seatbelt refuses to buckle, chances are there\'s something stuck inside the female buckle. All you have to do is to get the foreign object out of the female buckle. You can try removing the buckle from being mounted under the seat and give it a couple of knocks until the foreign object turns up and is released from getting stuck.

    What will happen if the release button breaks?

    There have been several reports that the red release button found in the female buckle gets broken after being pressed a couple of times. When the red release button gets broken, you will be unable to make the buckle work properly and the tiny pieces of the button could also fall and get stuck inside the buckle mechanism; and you already know how a foreign object can affect a seatbelt\'s functionality. So the moment the red release button starts to show signs of wearing out like cracks or minute breaks, have it replaced immediately and don\'t wait for it to completely break apart just when you\'re about to head out. Driving without a functioning seatbelt could cause you serious injuries in case of an accident, or worse, it could cost you your life.