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Oldsmobile 98 Parts And Oldsmobile 98 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Oldsmobile 98 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Oldsmobile 98 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Oldsmobile 98 Parts

Oldsmobile 98 Articles

  • What to Expect with a Modern Oldsmobile 98

    Oldsmobile was one of the longest running make in the American automotive industry. Originating in Lansing, Michigan, it was a company founded in the heart of the American automobilia. Subsequently, General Motors acquired it to became sister companies with Chevrolet, Buick, and Pontiac. During its time under GM, the Oldsmobile 98 was born. The very first 98s rolled out of the assembly plant in 1941. From that point on, 12 generations followed suit until the model was axed in 1996. Of course, the technological advancements in the automotive world allowed the integration of computer and modern fuel injection systems.

    The evolution of the Oldsmobile 98

    The Oldsmobile 98 was developed to be a competent deluxe vehicle for American commuters starting in 1941. It was named that way because it was a Series 90 fitted with a V8 block. The big bulky car gained significant attention and became one of the premiere choices of classy individuals looking for a comfortable yet powerful vehicle to drive going to their favorite destinations. As the golden years in \'50s approached, it became one of the first vehicles, along with the Buick models, to be blessed with the latest technologies such as the Rocket V8 engine and Jetaway Hydramatic Drive transmission. Along with it were intricate panels and chrome trims that suited well with the art deco trend during that time. Fast forward to the mid \'80s, the 11th generation 98s got downsized. However, it was fitted with a capable V6 block and a 4-speed automatic transmission. To help it operate with precision, computers were also used for regulating the vehicle functions as well as monitoring its condition.

    Integrating the engine control module into the vehicle

    The engine control module is integrated into vehicles in order to have better calculations in terms of engine performance. This came into the picture when emission regulations were enforced by the American government. The aim was for vehicles to produce a cleaner exhaust fume to reduce its harmful effects in the environment. The computer module in the vehicle calculates and controls the fuel injection, ignition timing, and other essential operations in the engine based on the data it gathers from the different sensors placed in the powertrain and exhaust systems. Furthermore, you will be able to detect and pinpoint engine trouble when you plug the system to the reading device. This technology has significantly improved the way vehicles like the Oldsmobile 98 work. However, it also came with a trade off. Cars became more complicated and a faulty module can compromise the way your vehicle runs.

    What you can do with a problematic ECM

    When an ECM begins to develop problems, your Oldsmobile 98 can experience the following things: starting issues, stalling engine, lackluster performance, poor fuel economy, and unusual rattles. Since you are now dealing with a component that is made up of circuits, you will need the help of an expert technician to fix it. You can have your car serviced in reputable shops that offer ECM tuning. If all else fails, you might eventually have to purchase a remanufactured or brand new module to bring your car back to its proper running condition.