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Love to bring your furry buddy with you on trips? Then you need to equip your car with a reliable pet divider. Also known as a pet or car barrier, this nifty device helps keep you and your beloved fur ball safe and secure while inside a vehicle. Once installed, it'll prevent your pet from moving between the front and back seats while you're busy driving. Now with so many types and options to choose from these days, buying the right one can get confusing. To help you get the best deal for your budget, here's the lowdown on the most common types of pet divider:

Tubular barrier

If you have a big dog who just loves to jump into the front seat while you're driving, then a tubular divider is a good bet. This divider usually features a unique design that allows you to horizontally and vertically adjust the tubes to fit in a variety of vehicle sizes. Plus, the tubes are arranged in such a way that they won't create blind spots or block the rear view mirror. And since most kits include soft pads for the tubes, installing a tubular pet divider won't damage your car's interior. This type of pet divider can also be easily wiped clean for hassle-free maintenance.

Fabric divider

Another option is a fabric barrier that's designed to create a strong wall between the back and front car seats. Made of high-grade fabric, it won't easily get damaged even if your pet tries to claw its way into the front seat. This type is also easy to install since you just need to strap the fabric barrier in place. And once installed, it won't prevent you from seeing the rear view. Plus, it's available in basic colors so you won't have to worry about the divider ruining the overall look of your vehicle's interior. Unlike metal barriers, fabric types can also be designed to include pockets, providing you with handy storage spaces for your furry buddy's food and water dishes and toys.

Mesh barrier

Mesh barriers come in two basic types: metal and fabric. If you have a big, highly energetic pet, opt for the metal type since this is sturdier and can handle sudden pet movements better than its fabric counterpart. The bars are usually made of sturdy, non-glare steel so you don't need to worry about getting blinded by shiny metal bars through the rear view mirror. Now if you have small, docile pet and you don't want to install a metal barrier, then opt for a fabric mesh type. The mesh is claw-proof so it won't easily get snagged even if your dog or cat tries to happily pounce on you while driving. Plus, many types come with an installation-friendly pop-up wire frame to prevent the mesh from sagging.

Whatever type you choose, make sure it fits your car installation and maintenance requirements, budget, and pet size. An easy-to-remove pet divider is also a good choice if you prefer to uninstall it when not in use.