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Running Board Lights

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Running boards sometimes come with lights to aid passengers in hopping into and stepping out of the vehicle's cabin. These running board lights make the stepping area more visible to ensure passenger safety. The lights also come on to warn you when one of your doors is not locked securely. But, over time, these lights will start to malfunction, and before you know it, they will just cease to light up and go kaput.

There are usually two reasons for defective lights. One is a busted bulb and the other is a faulty switch. If after troubleshooting you find out that the culprit is the lights themselves, here's a step-by-step guide on how to change the running board lights in your truck or SUV:

What you'll need:

  • Clean rag
  • Flat-tip screwdriver
  • New bulbs

Step 1: Park on a level surface. Before you start with your DIY task, make sure that your ride is parked on a flat and level ground. There should be enough space around the vehicle to make you work comfortably.

Step 2: Clean the vehicle. Make sure your ride is free from mud and other dirt, particularly the parts that you'll work on. Get a clean rag and wipe dust and dirt off your running boards.

Step 3: Locate the running boards light assembly. Most of the time, there are four light assemblies on each running board.

Step 4: Pry out the light assembly. You can do this using a flat-tip screwdriver. Work on one light assembly at a time.

Step 5: Remove the socket. You don't need any tool for this as the socket for your running board lights can easily be removed by hand. The busted bulb is housed on the socket.

Step 6: Take out the old bulb. If the bulb is halogen type, get a clean rag and place it over your hands before removing the bulb from the socket. Set the bulb aside, so you can properly discard it later.

Step 7: Slide in the new bulb. Without removing the cloth from your hand, get the replacement bulb and put it in place of the old bulb. You need this cloth especially when handling the new bulb so the oil from your skin won't get into the bulb and cause weak spots that can lead to premature failure.

Step 8: Put the socket back in place. Carefully push the socket back into the light assembly.

Step 9: Reinstall the light assembly. Insert the light assembly back on the running boards. Once inserted correctly, the light will just lock in place.

Step 10: Do the same for all defective assemblies. If two or more running board lights are defective, just repeat the steps to replace the busted bulb on each light until the faulty lights have been fixed.

Step 11: Test the running board lights. After putting all the lights back on, hop into your vehicle and turn the lights on.

Before you get online or head out to purchase replacement bulbs for your running board light assembly, determine first the number of bulbs you need. It's important to purchase at least one spare bulb so you'll have extra just in case you break one during the installation process.