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Storage Cabinet Shelf

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If you love spending hours in the garage detailing or tinkering with your ride, you'll need to figure out the right garage storage solutions to keep your tools organized and within easy reach. Fortunately, there are plenty of options nowadays, and you don't have to spend that much to convert your garage into a home mechanic's dream come true. To help you figure out which storage solution is best for your garage, here are some nifty ideas worth checking out:


The pegboard is a basic shop or garage storage solution for various hand tools such as pliers, electrical tape, cables, rotary tools, and screwdrivers. Because each item is hung on the board with a hook, looking for a specific tool becomes easier. The pegboard also allows you to easily grab a tool without having to open a cabinet door, which makes it the perfect choice if you don't want to open a cabinet door for a tool while your hands are all dirty and greasy. This storage solution also makes any garage look professionally organized because the tools can be lined up according to size or purpose.

Steel cabinet on wheels

Another nifty solution is to invest in a steel cabinet on wheels. This heavy-duty cabinet is perfect for heavier tools because it's made of highly durable steel. If you want your tools out of sight when not in use, a cabinet is a good option. And because they have wheels, you can easily move them around as needed. Plus, some cabinets come with a work table on top, making it the perfect, multi-purpose storage option for a garage with limited space.

Tool box

A tool box is a must-have for any home mechanic. If you want a garage storage solution that's highly mobile, a tool box is your best bet. Whether it's made from automotive-grade plastic or steel, a highly durable tool box is the perfect storage space for small hand tools you frequently use when inside or outside of the garage.

Wall-mounted organizer

A wall-mounted organizer is similar to a bathroom organizer, but instead of storing shampoo bottles and other toiletries, this is the perfect storage space for bottles of car grease, cleaners, and car wax. Some organizers even come with a towel holder, providing you easy access to a shop towel when dealing with a greasy repair job. This storage solution is also easy to mount since it usually only requires screws or bolts for installation. Look for a wall organizer that already comes with the necessary mounting hardware to make installation a breeze.

Overhead storage

If you have limited floor space, a good idea is to invest in an overhead cabinet or rack. With the right overhead rack or cabinet, you'll be able to keep your tools, equipment, and spare parts properly organized and out of harm's way despite the small garage space.

Utility cart

If you need to easily access your tools and move them around, get your hands on a utility cart. Available in different configurations and sizes, you have plenty of options to choose from. Many utility carts are also adjustable, giving you free reign on customizing the height of each cart tray or rack.