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Subaru Legacy Parts And Subaru Legacy Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Subaru Legacy parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Subaru Legacy to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Subaru Legacy Parts

Subaru Legacy Articles

  • What Triggers Engine Failure on Your Subaru Legacy

    Although the Subaru Legacy isn\'t as popular as mainstream choices such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, it can still be considered as one of the more successful models of Subaru here in the US. It\'s, in fact, one of the longest-running nameplates of the make in the country. Its standard all-wheel drive feature has been a big draw for car owners that are looking for a reliable sedan or wagon. The more modern Legacy is made more spacious and more fuel-efficient to give it the edge. However, its reliability can easily be lost if you fail to do the right thing for your engine, risking massive failure or irreversible damage.

    Failing to change oil regularly or as needed

    The engine needs oil to thrive and function properly. Without it, its vital parts can easily get damaged due to high heat and friction. This fluid circulates around the engine to keep engine parts clean and cool. In the process, this allows the engine to work without a hitch. If you fail to change oil on a regular interval, as recommended by the manufacturer, this fluid can eventually get dirty and contaminated. After a while, the engine oil level can drop significantly. When the engine starves on motor oil, the car\'s powerhouse can be subject to a lot of stress, which can lead to its downfall as the engine may eventually seize and get damaged irreversibly. Aside from keeping up with oil changes, you should also use the right type of oil for the Legacy\'s engine and should change the oil filter that traps dirt and contaminants to keep the oil clean. The right type of oil will help ensure maximum fuel efficiency and maintain the engine\'s peak performance.

    Ignoring oil leaks

    You can usually tell if there\'s a leak when there are stains or a puddle of liquid on the driveway. Oil leaks can rob the engine of its precious fluid needed to survive the daily grind. As it loses oil easily, metal parts of the engine may not get the needed lubrication, especially if the leak is heavy. This could lead to internal tolerance wear. You must trace the source or location of the leak and have this fixed as soon as possible to prevent engine failure.

    Neglecting the cooling system

    The easiest way to keep the engine from overheating is to make sure that there\'s enough coolant and that other components such as the radiator and water pump are working just as well as they should. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance can prevent cooling system failure. It will help if the engine coolant is flushed and the right mixture of water and antifreeze is maintained, depending on the season or temperature. Fix the cooling system problem before driving the car, so you wouldn\'t risk engine damage while on the road.

    If the check engine light flashes, have the vehicle inspected even if it\'s still running properly. Don\'t ignore the warning even if it could be something as simple as a loose a gas cap.