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No matter where the cargos are it on the truck bed or on the roof rack.they need to be secured to prevent them from falling off as the vehicle speeds up. You see, not all loads will survive after falling. Worse, they can hurt pedestrians and possibly cause road mishaps. In some states, you can also get a ticket for transporting unsecured loads.

If you don't want to go through all these hassles, you need to have a good quality tie down to secure your loads before your trip. But with the lots of choices available in the market today, it can be kind of difficult for you to choice the tie down strap and mount that match your needs and offer the best value for your money. To help you make a sound decision, here are the factors you should consider during your purchase:

  • Durability
  • Whether you're getting a strap, a mount, or both, you have to ensure that they are durable enough to hold even the heaviest of cargos in place. They should also guarantee quality construction as they have to stay strong even when fully stretched. A good quality tie down strap goes back to its original length after being used and stretched for hours. It won't easily get torn or have loose stitches even if it constantly rubs off with your cargo during the trip. The tie-down mount, on the other hand, should firmly hold the strap's anchor, buckle, or hook. No matter how hard the strap is pulled, the mount should be able to bear the brunt of it without getting unfastened from where it is installed.

  • Load rating
  • You must not, at all cost, use your tie down on cargos that exceed the maximum load capacity written on the strap. Using tie downs on cargos that go far beyond their maximum load rating can cause the strap to break during the trip, making you drive with unsecured cargos. It can also affect the service life of the mounts, leaving you in need of replacement sooner than you expect.

  • Weather resistance
  • A tie down that can withstand the rigors of regular use regardless of the weather proves to be a good buy. So when choosing one, make sure that the materials the straps and mounts are made of are capable of staying strong and efficient during the chilliest winter days and are still able to bear the scorching summer heat without getting brittle. Even if you have money, it won't be practical if you'll need to buy new tie downs every time the season changes.

  • Ease of use
  • It pays a lot if the unit you'll get isn't complicated to install and use. It should be easy for you to securely connect its anchors to the mount and to place the strap tight enough to protect the cargo. The strap must not be made of materials that twist easily once loose because twists in the strap can reduce its ability to hold your cargo firmly. It can also cause the tie down's buckle to jam. To make everything easy for you, read the instructions on how to use tie down, which is usually included in the package. General installation instructions won't work on all tie downs as each of them may have unique features and components.